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Leo Club Celebrates Anniversary

Wednesday 12th September, 2018-The Antigua Leo Club is today (Wednesday) celebrating its 46th anniversary.

The Leo Club is a project of the Antigua Lions Club.

According to Leo Nazim Williams Club President, “We are proud of our club’s 46 years of service to the community. The Leo club members thank everyone who contributes to this important work.

The Club recognized their achievement, by attending church on Sunday and delivering food packages to underprivileged persons.  Other activities will include tree planting at two schools, a beach clean-up and a team building social.

Since the club’s chartering in 1972, its members have worked on a variety of projects in the local community, such as eye screening, tree plantings, community and beach clean ups, public bathroom refurbishment, youth jamborees, paediatric ward visits, the annual Boxing day lunch that feeds persons on the street, just to name a few.  Proceeds from past fundraising events have gone to all our projects.

The Antigua Leo Club has 14 members and meets on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. at the Lion’s Den.

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