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Lengthy Sentences For Last Lap Shooters

Friday 11th May, 2018 – Two men were sentenced in the High Court today for gunplay that ended in Judith Wynter of New Winthropes becoming paralyzed in 2013.

Shelton Hunte was sentenced to 33 years in prison, while Trevorn Francis will serve 24 years at her majesty’s prison. Both men were charged with wounding with intent to murder.

Gunshots rang out during carnival last lap celebrations in 2013 in the vicinity of the East Bus Station. The two men who were reportedly rival gang members were firing at each other. As the crowd dashed for cover, Wynter who was a bystander was struck by a bullet.

Almost five years since the incident, Wynter is unable to walk, despite the efforts of doctors in Antigua and In Trinidad to have her stand up.

During the shootout, Trevorn Francis was wounded. That led police to file two counts of attempted murder against him.

The incident led to an abrupt end of the 2013 carnival celebrations.

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