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Laws Aimed at Curbing Accidents Come Into Effect

Friday 15th February, 2019-New regulations aimed at enforcing the traffic laws in Antigua and Barbuda took effect today.

The Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2018 and the Vehicles and Road Traffic (Mobile Devices) Regulation, 2019 came into being.

Under the new laws, motorists will face heavy penalties when they are found in breach of traffic laws.

Attorney General the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin, during an interview last week expressed concerns over the frequency of traffic accidents. The Attorney General’s Chambers has taken steps to go after those who use the roadways indiscriminately in the country and are involved in accidents that can be avoided.


Drivers using mobile phones and even eating and or drinking will be penalized, since they are viewed as distractions.

Within the Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2018, drivers who are involved in accidents will be held responsible for any property, public or private that is damaged. That is in addition to possible charges the motorist/s may face for causing the accident.


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