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J’Nique Joseph Tops Grade 6 National Assessment, Education Officials Pleased With Results

Friday 5th July, 2019-Education officials are expressing satisfaction at the overall performance of students who were administered the Grade 6 National Assessment.

The results of that assessment were released today and named J’Nique Joseph of Baptist Academy as the top student, with 379 marks out of 400.

Zaniah Pigott of St. Nicholas Primary School came in a close second, just one point less, with 378 marks. Makeel Meade secured the third position and emerged as the top boy. He is a student of Golden Grove Primary School and received 373 marks out of 400.

Baptist Academy students Kadisha Valerie and Jhorden Mannix rounded off the top five.

Assistant Director of Education, Measurement and Evaluation, Ineta Francis says she is hopeful the results will further improve overtime.

The 1,354 students (691 F) (663 M) that were assessed were placed in levels.

Level One- 601 students were placed in this category, representing 44% of the total number of pupils

Level Two – 577 students, representing 43%

Level Three – 168 students, representing 12%

Level Four – 8 students, less than one per cent

87% of students produced acceptable grades

Performances in Subject Areas


Language Arts Top Score – 95 %

1,117 students gained 50% and above, representing 82 % of students overall.

Mathematics Top Score – 99%

853 students scored 50 % and above, representing 63%. In 2018, 42% of students attained an acceptable grade

Science Top Score – 98%

1,069 attained acceptable grades, representing 79%

Social Studies Top Score- 95%

1,178 students gained 50% and above, representing 87% of students overall

In the Top Student list, 67 students are females and 35 are males. For yet another year, girls have outperformed the boys.

The top students are given the opportunity to select the schools they wish to attend, while other students are placed geographically. They are assigned a school closest to their home addresses.


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