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Increase in Water Rates Likely Next Year

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Wednesday 21st November, 2018-The Minister with responsibility for APUA has hinted there will likely be an increase in consumers’ water bills sometime next year.

Sir Robin Yearwood in a recent interview did not commit to an exact time in which the increase will take effect, but said government cannot continue to subsidize water indefinitely.

A case was made previously for a rise in water as Sir Robin explained, but it was rejected by Prime Minister Gaston Browne. The utilities minister revealed that it costs more than $ 46 to produce a thousand gallons of water.

Despite the efforts by APUA to improve water supply through its desalination plants and to a lesser extent its water catchment facilities, the criticism continues from consumers who after left with dry pipes for long periods in some instances.

Added criticism is that the company has not been honouring their own water schedule.  In response to those grievances, Sir Robin Yearwood, while being apologetic, pointed to a major issue the utility company is experiencing.

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