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Increase in Fees to Visit Bird Sanctuary

Wednesday 13th February, 2019-New fees are in effect in Barbuda if you plan to visit the Bird Sanctuary.

In a memo to Tour Operators and Sea Taxi Operators dated 6th February, 2019, Secretary of the Barbuda Council Paul Nedd penned that adults, international will be required to pay US $ 5, up from US$ 2, while children will pay US $ 2.

The domestic fee will be EC$ 5 per adult and EC$ 2 per child.

The new fees took immediate effect.


An Assessment of Tourism Potential in Barbuda prepared by the Waitt Institute in August, 2017, details the Frigate Bird Sanctuary is Barbuda’s most popular tourist attraction. In the executive summary, it is outlined that the majority of interviewees recommended or agreed to an increase in the fee tourists pay to enter the bird sanctuary, located in Codrington Lagoon national Park.

The assessment detailed then that the Council was reluctant to raise the entry fee without providing the facilities, which include restrooms and a welcome office to justify the increase in cost.

The US $ 5 increase in the fees was previously rejected.

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