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Immigration Department Gets Tough on Student Admissions

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Tuesday 4th December, 2018-The Immigration Department is toughening its stance in the process used to admit non-national students into schools in Antigua and Barbuda.

At a recent meeting with public and private school principals and education officials, the Immigration Department’s Nigel Emanuel said they are experiencing challenges where the immigration laws are concerned. Now a warning has been issued that action will be taken against those who are not conforming to the required regulations.

Mr. Emanuel detailed the problems lie among CARICOM nationals, those outside of the OECS and the manner in which students gain entry into the school system. The Immigration Department says many are going about it the wrong way.

once application is made, the immigration department will then conduct a background check to among other things, determine whether the person making representation can afford to maintain the child or children.

Principals were informed that the information on school letters obtained by students to renew their permits are inadequate.

there was push back from principals, with some contending that the added information is unnecessary. some believe the fact that a student is presenting a letter means he/she is in good standing at school since those who are not would either be suspended or expelled and won’t be in a position to receive a letter requesting renewal of their student permit.

According to immigration officials, the rules being enforced are in accordance with the Immigration and Passport Act of 2014. They have served notice that there will be consequences for those who are found in contravention of the law.

Immigration Officer Nigel Emanuel.


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