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Housing Minister Takes Aim at Colleague Over Recent Comments

Friday 21st June, 2019-The minister responsible for housing has fired back at her colleague minister who yesterday slammed the National Housing and Urban Renewal Company for the slow pace of work at the Paynters housing project.

On a tour of the site on Thursday, Minister Lennox Weston expressed outrage at the manner in which construction was progressing, saying the housing project needs a shot in the arm. He took aim at the National Housing and Urban Renewal Company for what appears to be its inability to bring the work to a close.

But Minister Maria Bird-Browne who has portfolio responsibility for Housing, Lands and Urban Renewal has not found favour with Minister Weston’s comments.  She is contradicting statements he made on Thursday, when he told reporters the Works Department has completed what it was asked to do.

Minister Lennox Weston asserted that since the prime minister had named him as “The Fixer”, he was taking over the project from the minister’s level down; pointing out that what currently exists must be stopped, since “they are burning cash every day.”


In a statement this afternoon, Minister Bird-Browne countered that declaration.

Housing Minister, Maria Bird-Browne.

It was revealed that National Housing, as at June 2019, controls assets of more than $150 million dollars; it has spent less than $75 million dollars in its five-year existence. National Housing has also spent $15 million dollars of its own resources to repair government buildings. Its annual reports have been submitted to Cabinet and to Parliament.

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