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House Speaker Slams Predecessor For Hooligan Behaviour

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Tuesday 1st May, 2018 –The Speaker of the House of Representatives did not hold back today when he unleashed on an Executive Member of the Opposition United Progressive Party over her behavior in parliament last week.

Queen’s Counsel Sir Gerald Watt known for his outspoken personality, described former Speaker of the House Giselle Isaac’s behavior as “nothing short of hooliganism”.

Isaac who served as speaker from 2004 to 2014 has been criticized for unbecoming behavior while seated in the public gallery in parliament. She along with members of the United Progressive Party were in attendance as government began repealing the Barbuda Land Act.

Sir Gerald said from his chair today that such behavior is unforgivable.

The current speaker has been called out by the opposition for being one sided in parliament. Responding to his critics, Sir Gerald Watt who was in a fighting mood served notice that he will not be attacked and stay silent, adding that he will fight back.

The well known Antiguan attorney is back for his second term as Speaker of the House of Representatives and he promises to chime in when he sees fit into the discourse in parliament.

Just before he ended his address this morning, Sir Gerald Watt had a parting shot.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Queen’s Counsel Sir Gerald Watt.

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