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High Number of Used Vehicles Unsustainable

Thursday, 15th February, 2018 – Government Senator Darryl Matthew believes the high number of vehicles being imported into the country is “quickly becoming unsustainable” and he wants government to deal with what will soon be a problem of too many vehicles on the roadways in the country.

Making his contribution to the budget debate in the Upper House of Parliament on Wednesday, Matthew noted that the rapid increase recorded in vehicle importation, especially used cars is cause for concern.

He says while the government is focused on road rehabilitation and construction, the increasing number of vehicles is making it impossible to accomplish such an undertaking, adding that there isn’t enough land space for new roads to be constructed.

Senator Matthew stated that Antigua and Barbuda cannot afford to continue being a dumping ground for used Japanese vehicles. While he does not support a ban on used cars, he stated the importation of very old vehicles should be addressed.

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