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High Court Denies BPM Leader Interim Injunction

Thursday 15th March, 2018 –Barbudan Trevor Walker has lost in his bid to block the Electoral Commission allowing Barbudans to vote in Antigua during general elections next week.

Walker of the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) petitioned a judge for an interim injunction that would prevent ABEC from going through with its decision. His lawyer, Charlesworth Tabor said the crux of the matter was whether the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission has the legal authority to decide whether Barbudans can cast their ballots in Antigua.

ABEC’s Chairman Nathaniel James said the move to have Barbudans vote on the mainland was not taken lightly, but due to the ‘special circumstances’ that currently exist, the decision was taken following consultations with key stakeholders and guided by section 35 of the Representation of the People’s Act.

High Court Justice Clare Henry agreed with the Electoral Commission after weighing the presentations from both sides, denying Trevor Walker an injunction. Following two days of presentations last week from the attorneys representing Walker and ABEC, Justice Henry’s decision was handed down this afternoon.

BPM Leader Trevor Walker was in court for the decision. While he is disappointed he says the party is looking ahead.

According to Trevor Walker the court denied his request on several grounds, chief among them was their interpretation of an election.

Now that the decision is known, Walker is calling on the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission to ensure that no Barbudan will be disenfranchised in next Wednesday’s General Election.

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