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Health Minister Wants Names of Unsanitary Restaurants Published

Monday 29th April, 2019-The Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment has taken a different position to that of officials within the Central Board of Health (CBH), regarding the publication of names of restaurants and cook shops found in breach of sanitary standards.

Minister Molwyn Joseph believes such business establishments who continuously fail to comply with what is expected of them should be revealed. His statement comes as members of the public became outraged recently over the Central Board of Health’s announcement that eleven food service establishments were asked to immediately discontinue the preparation of food for sale to the general public after inspections between January to April, 2019 revealed a long list of infractions, but chose not to reveal the names.

Once a restaurant is found operating in unsanitary conditions, they are given the opportunity to clean up before re-opening. But the health minister does not agree with that stance taken by the Central Board of Health.


Deputy Chief Health Inspector, Daryl Spencer says they have heard the criticisms from members of the public and the concerns will be addressed.

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