Health Minister Wants Bond For Nurses Re-instituted

Wednesday 25th April, 2018 –Minister of Health and Wellness Molwyn Joseph is calling for the bonding of nurses to be re-instituted in order to stem the exodus of the healthcare workers.

Speaking in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, the minister highlighted the importance of nurses to the country’s healthcare system, but he stressed that measures must be taken to deal with a situation that threatens nursing in Antigua and Barbuda.

Minister Joseph dismissed rumours that the jobs of nurses were being threatened with the ending of the secondment of employees of Holberton Hospital who had transitioned to Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

On Tuesday, the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (Amendment) Bill 2018 was approved by the Lower House with minor changes.

The bill seeks to bring an end to the secondment of public officers to the employment of the board and to complete the transition of MSJMC to a state of the art public hospital under the management of the board.

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