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Health Minister Appeals for Medical Liability Insurance

Wednesday 21st November, 2018-While forging ahead with the establishment of a disciplinary committee to handle complaints of negligence and malpractice made against members of the medical fraternity, the minister of health is also pushing for medical liability insurance.

Known as Medical Malpractice Insurance in some countries, it is coverage that provides legal aid and protection if a medical professional were to be sued by a patient. This can take several forms. In some cases, this insurance coverage will provide monetary assistance for a doctor to hire a lawyer. In other instances, the insurance company will provide their own “in house” lawyers to represent the policyholder. It’s also common for malpractice insurance to pay some or the entire claim if the plaintiff’s lawsuit is successful.

Minister Molwyn Joseph says the time has come for there to be high standards in patient care.

The health minister also wants to stamp out the practice of private medical institutions utilizing the services of Mount St. John’s Medical Centre.

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