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Harris Paints Predict Increased Investments

Wednesday 5th September, 2018-The Chief Executive Officer of Harris Paints Group says the company looks forward to increasing investments in Antigua since their new manufacturing facility will extend its foothold across the Caribbean.

The assets of Leewind Paints were recently acquired by Harris Paints Group after the indigenous company was plunged into serious financial problems.

CEO Ian Kenyon in an article in the Jamaican Observer boasted on revenue growth for Harris Group’s operation over the past six years, adding that the results were achieved despite some very challenging conditions.

“The Caribbean has experienced difficult economic times in many of the markets and this has been compounded by the recent severe weather systems across the region. Yet our teams in each of the 15 countries we currently sell to have responded magnificently and have been very successful in achieving profitable market growth and increasing shareholder value,” he said.

According to Kenyon, Harris Group plans on launching new products and service innovation over the next few years, and has invested in a state-of-the art enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that integrates all manufacturing plants and functions across the Caribbean.

The system is expected to improve business efficiency while strengthening the paint company’s marketing capability through its digital platform.

“We are very optimistic about our future as we have built very strong springboards for growth with our investments in infrastructure,” Kenyon said.

The acquisition gives Harris Paints Group sole manufacturing rights in Antigua in addition to strategic access to new export markets, including the British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands, and Turks and Caicos.



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