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Government to Continue Engaging U.S on WTO Compensation

Tuesday 30th January, 2018 –Prime Minister Gaston Browne says his government will continue to push for the United States Government to honour a WTO judgment where it was ordered to compensate Antigua and Barbuda for damages to the local internet gaming sector.

The decades-long dispute resulted in a judgment in 2007, where the WTO arbitration body said the US violated international trade agreements by preventing Americans to make online wagers.

But the long standing dispute continues without an end in sight.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne whose government has lobbied for an amicable solution on the issue maintains Antigua and Barbuda should be paid its just due. Acknowledging the negotiations have been difficult, the prime minister is holding firm that the United States’ offer regarding compensation is unacceptable and he is refusing such give in to such treatment.

The head of government has recommitted his efforts to continue pressing forward with his demand for the United States to honour their obligation and he’s willing to do so at any cost.

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