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Government Pledges Support for Pesticides Control Board

Wednesday 3rd October, 2018-Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs, Hon. Dean Jonas and Chairman of the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board, Dr. Linroy Christian, teamed up this week to sensitize the public on critical issues during the observance of Chemicals Awareness Week, which is being held under the theme, “A Toxic Free Future.”

Dr. Christian stressed the importance of chemicals to be used for the purpose intended and the importance of them being properly regulated.

As Minister responsible for the management and control of toxic chemicals, Minister Jonas said that for the effective management of these products in Antigua and Barbuda, an adequate and effective administrative and regulatory framework must be adopted, to ensure the fulfillment of the mandate of the Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Control Board.

He gave the commitment that his government “will ensure that the Pesticides and Toxic Chemical Control Board is provided with the necessary resources, financial, and otherwise, to educate and sensitize the relevant stakeholders with respect to their legal responsibilities, and further to ensure compliance with the law, in particular, the issues of illegal importation, certification of pest control operators and the requirement for licenses and permits.”


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