Government Pledges Clampdown on Illegal Dumping


Tuesday 8th January, 2019-Notice has been served on people engaging in illegal dumping that they won’t be spared once caught.

That assurance has come from the Minister Responsible for the Environment, the Hon. Molwyn Joseph.

Joseph is calling on the police to take action against people engaging in the act.

Speaking from an illegal dumpsite in Pigotts today, opposite Government’s Motor Pool, the minister said what has become a major problem across the country must be stopped and he is seeking the police’s assistance in dealing with the culprits.

Photos and complaints of the illegal dumpsite and the effects it was having on residents in the area began making the rounds several weeks ago on social media.

Minister Joseph said reports indicate dumping on that particular sight may have started as far back as 2002. With the Litter Act expected to be tabled in Parliament in February, Minister Joseph related that there will be serious consequences for those held responsible for illegal dumping.

Police Inspector Elson Quammie is appealing to the general public to assist in dealing with the problem, by contacting the police.

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