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Government Minister Wants to Make Elderly Care a Business

Monday 11th February, 2019-Government may be getting into the business of providing full time and day care for the elderly.

It is an idea being shared by Minister of Works, Lennox Weston and if his Cabinet colleagues are receptive, then the former Nurses’ Hostel will be used as the place where such a service will be provided, once the Fiennes residents are re-located to long-term living quarters on the Edwards Ward of the old Holberton Hospital.

Minister Weston shared his thoughts with members of the media this morning as he inspected the work being carried out to retrofit the former Nurses’ Hostel.

The Ministry of Works is upgrading the former Nurses’ Hostel around the clock, which will result in residents of the Fiennes Institute being transferred there way ahead of schedule.


Works Minister Lennox Weston and other government officials toured the Queen Elizabeth Highway facility, where residents are being moved to facilitate the construction of a new Fiennes Institute.

The retrofitting includes the installation of rails, bars and non stick tiles to prevent slippage among other work.

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