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Government launches national road safety survey

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The Ministry of Works (MOW) is undertaking a national road safety survey designed determine just how road users comply with the existing traffic laws as well as the degree to which people use mobile devices while driving.

“The survey aims to collect data on community knowledge, attitudes and self-reported behaviours on our roads. The data collected from the survey will examine current issues affecting drivers, passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians, and at-risk groups develop initiatives to make roads in Antigua and Barbuda safer,” a statement from MOW outlined. 

The statement said the survey is being conducted by a consulting agency based in Italy, FRED. Details of the survey will be published on the Government of Antigua and Barbuda (GOAB) website, https://ab.gov.ag, for two weeks from Monday 15th February 2021, to Monday 1st March 2021.  

Ministry of Works Permanent Secretary, Clarence Pilgrim, views road safety not only as a social and traffic issue, but also an economic one and calls for the full participation of road users.

Pilgrim said that a tremendous national burden results from road crashes and thus there is direct social economic cost, adding that a multi-sectorial approach is required to effectively tackle the problem and reduce the number of deaths due to road accidents.

The Project Implementation Management Unit (PIMU), the agency responsible for the rolling out of all the road rehabilitation capital projects, is encouraging road users to participate in this important survey.

It must be noted that survey information is confidential and survey responses will go directly to the consultant agency where it will be collected, grouped and analyzed. No individual participants will be identified.

The GOAB is asking drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists aged eighteen years and over residing in Antigua and Barbuda to complete the survey in order to get a full and accurate picture across all communities. 

A survey report will be submitted to the government and key findings will be posted online and provided to the media during the 6th Global Road Safety Week, 17th – 23rd May 2021.

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