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Government Increases Amount of Cannabis For Recreational Use

Tuesday 6th February, 2018 – Government has made amendments to the Misuse of Drug Amendment Bill 2018 that will now allow persons to be in possession of 15 grams of cannabis to be used for recreational purposes.

That is 5 more grams that what was originally recommended by the Marijuana Commission.  The bill will also make provisions for persons to be able to plant a maximum of 4 cannabis plants on their property.

The amendments, which were revealed during the second and third readings of the bill, come approximately two weeks after several participants at a public consultation made it known that the initial 10 grams were inadequate.

Prime Minister the Hon. Gaston Browne speaking in Parliament today (Tuesday), sounded a warning that while the government is decriminalizing the use of small amounts of cannabis, it is not an invitation for persons to use indiscriminately as there will be serious consequences.

He says there are many positives that will result from the decision taken by his government.

The prime minister again stated that he was in no way promoting the use of cannabis, but he noted that changes were necessary especially as it relates to the development of young people who are finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, which in the long term affects their future.

He has underscored the need for continued public education.

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