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Government Improving Emergency Communication System

Thursday 16th June, 2019-The Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Telecommunications is taking steps to improve its emergency communication system, which will significantly aid in search and rescue operations.

Minister Melford Nicholas who has portfolio responsibility for the 911 system says he is engaging several companies, with an aim of implementing a system that is modern and will provide detailed information required in certain operations.

Nicholas was at the time responding to whether a question on whether there exists a national coordinated plan that is executed when cases such as that of Hyacinth Gage is reported.


Tuesday marked one week since the family of Hyacinth Gage went missing and family and friends are continuing to hold out hope that she will be found.

Added to the improvements being made by the government, the telecommunications minister stressed there is a duty of care that must be exercised among members of the public, especially when family members are affected by memory loss or similar conditions.

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