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Government Disagrees Increased PHT Will Make Country Uncompetitive

Thursday 14th March, 2019-Government says its push for an increase in the Passenger Head Tax is justified once the new port development is completed in St. John’s.

The proposed tax increase appears to be the cause of contention among some cruise companies that is leading to the cancellation of some vessels.

Cabinet Spokesman, Information Minister Melford Nicholas, said one cruise company is contending the increase will place Antigua in an noncompetitive position. But Minister Nicholas disagrees with that notion and says what is being proposed will still not place Antigua and Barbuda in the most expensive bracket among cruise destinations in the region.


Minister Nicholas considers the reaction from some of the cruise companies as brash and says if they are displeased, they should seek to engage the government in dialogue.

Minister Nicholas revealed the resistance being encountered now could have been avoided if CARICOM Heads would have adopted a single approach to the Passenger Head Tax years ago.

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