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Government Assures It Will Not Reclaim Farmlands

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Wednesday 6th June, 2018 –Government has moved to allay the fears of farmers some of who are expressing concern that they will be required to return leases for lands they currently cultivate.

The Farmers’ Association was re-assured during a recent meeting with the Cabinet of government’s commitment to them.

It was noted that no leases will be cancelled. Instead government has pledged to provide the support required to assist farmers in cultivating their crops.

Feeder roads will be improved, and more tractors will be made available in order to assist with ploughing, the farmers were assured. The farmers indicated that it was not their intention to be antagonistic but to collaborate with the Ministry in order to achieve the objectives of the administration.

The bottleneck in the application for lands is a challenge which the Cabinet agreed will be addressed. The farmers also agreed that more pipelines had to be laid in order to connect farms to water supply; the APUA Minister agreed that it would work with the farmers to identify the farms in need of this service. The farmers suggested that if Body Pond Dam, in Bendals and Potworks Dam, in Bethesda, were connected, that water supply would also increase. A feasibility study into the suggestion would be examined, Cabinet has agreed.





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