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Government Assisting Properties Affected By Sargassum

Monday 28th May, 2018 –The Sargassum Seaweed wreaking havoc on the country’s coastline may be the worst ever experienced and is proving challenging for hoteliers, especially those with beachfront properties.

Known for its pungent, sulphuric odour  once it starts decaying, the seaweed has become a major issue the tourism industry must face on an annual basis.

Tourism Minister the Hon. Charles Max Fernandez says hotel properties on the east coast of the island are being affected the most by the Sargassum. He noted that government is doing its part to help in bringing relief to those whose businesses being affected.

Experts are yet to arrive at a way of utilizing the seaweed in a positive way. Meantime, the tourism minister says for Antigua and Barbuda, working around the problem is what is of importance.

Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez.


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