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Government Accepts Keys for Community Centre

Monday 15th April, 2019-A symbolic key was given to Prime Minister Gaston Browne this morning by Chinese Ambassador Wang Xiamin marking the official handing over of the new Community Centre at Knuckle Block to the government.

The multi-million dollar facility made possible through a Grant from the Chinese, is being described as the most significant investment made by any government in the Grays/Green Community in the history of the country.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony this morning, Prime Minister Gaston Browne reminded the audience the sporting complex was the brainchild of former Prime Minister Dr. Baldwin Spencer, but its progress was stalled. However, when his administration formed the government, he was determined that construction would begin until completion.

The prime minister said the construction of the facility is part of his government’s overall plan to give priority to poor and vulnerable communities.


Mr. Browne extended appreciation to the Chinese Government for its continued assistance in all areas of development. He heaped praise on outgoing Ambassador Wang for his dedication and also on those that were closely associated with the project.

Speaking on behalf of the Chinese Government, Ambassador Wang Xiamin said the Community Centre stands as a symbol of friendship between the two countries.

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