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General Post Office to Re-Open Next Week

by Pointe FM'S Editor
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Wednesday 28th November, 2018-The General Post Office will resume service to the public from Monday next week as the search begins for somewhere suitable for re-location until the current building that houses the post office is refurbished.

Two days of protest by employees which began on Monday forced a shutdown of the GPO’s operations. Employees are contending that the building which they occupy is not conducive for work, highlighting dark and damp conditions, a leaky roof and exposed electrical wires as some of the challenges they experience on a daily basis.

Postmaster General, Algernon Gomes, told POINTE FM’s Nightly News that a meeting was held on Tuesday with key personnel and several agreements were reached.

Operations will resume next Monday with a new schedule to meet the high demand for services during the holiday period.

Algernon Gomes.

The Postmaster General admits the two days of protest action by employees have resulted in a backlog in the sorting and distribution of mails, but he is assuring the general public that business will return to some level of normalcy in the clearing of parcels and purchasing of stamps. Additionally, postmen are expected back into the various communities delivering mails and receiving information from residents to update the post office’s database.

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