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Funding Pledged For CARIBANA

Thursday 3rd May, 2018-Government is justifying its support of CARIBANA this year, amidst the re-building programme underway in Barbuda.

It was agreed that funding will be provided for the annual festival scheduled for May 19th -21st, 2018.

Exactly how much will be given to the organizers is not known at this time, but Cabinet Spokesperson, Minister Melford Nicholas says it will be a moderate contribution when compared to previous years.

He said CARIBANA is part of the cultural fabric of Barbuda and government will play its part in ensuring the tradition continues despite the situation on the ground. The minister was responding to a question of what signal would be sent to donors who are contributing to the rebuilding programme when government is willing to fund a festival rather than continue with the task at hand.

Government has indicated that it expects Barbudans living in Antigua will travel to the sister isle for the festivities.

It is anticipated that damaged houses will have been re-roofed by the Whit holiday for visitors to find suitable places to stay during the festival.

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