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Former P.M Takes Responsibility for 2014 Election Defeat

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Wednesday 28th February, 2018 – Former Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer says he takes personal responsibility for his party’s loss at the 2014 general election, which ended his career as head of government for two consecutive terms

Mr. Spencer, who retired from active politics last week after almost three decades as a politician, appeared this morning on Observer A.M.

He told the host that his party faltered in its campaign leading up to the 2014 polls and it ultimately led to their removal from office.

The retired prime minister related that his party took the people for granted, adding that instead of outlining its accomplishments and reminding the electorate of the progress his government had made in advancing the country, voters were left by themselves to make such a determination. He said his United Progressive Party then was not the best articulator of their accomplishments.

Mr. Spencer says his administration takes credit for repairing the image of the country, but he fears there may be a regression to the habits of years gone by.

As for regrets, the former prime minister believes some decisions made by his government should have included input at the community level.

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