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Former BoE Secretary Gets Court Date

Wednesday 16th January, 2019-The former Executive Secretary of the Board of Education will have her day in court in March when arguments are expected to begin in a case brought against the Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin and Minister of Education Michael Browne.

In May, 2018, the London based Privy Council; Antigua and Barbuda’s final Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal by the government on the grounds that Gisele Isaac’s fixed date claim was for declarations and damages and not for judicial review, for which leave was required.

Today, the High Court set 22nd March, 2019, when the case will begin.

Attorney Dr. David Dorsett, representing the government petitioned the judge for 28 days to file affidavits, but Queen’s Counsel Justin Simon objected the time was too long. It was then decided the government’s side has 14 days in which to file their affidavits. Isaac’s side will have 10 days to file responses.

In 2015, the High Court ruled that Isaac had the right to have the matter regarding her dismissal from the Board of Education heard in the High Court and not the Industrial Court as government’s attorneys argued.


Dissatisfied with the High Court’s ruling, government appealed the judgment in 2016. But the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal upheld the High Court ruling, which lead to government attorneys heading to the Privy Council.

DGisele Isaac was suspended from the BoE on 18th July, 2014, for 28 days. Upon her return, she discovered the locks to her office were changed.

The former executive secretary maintains the minister of education did not have the right to instruct her, as he claimed, that natural justice was not followed, in that she was not allowed a hearing in the investigation that followed her suspension and which was the basis of a report, and that the report leaked on radio damaged her reputation.


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