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Foreign Affairs Minister Wants US to Investigate Threats

Tuesday 13th August, 2019-The Minister of Foreign Affairs Immigration and Trade wants what he described as a serious threat investigated by the US Government.

Minister E.P Chet Greene appeared on Talking Point today said the threat to Antigua and Barbuda is a level of irresponsibility never witnessed before and stated why the US and UK should also become concerned and get involved in the matter.

The foreign affairs minister cited one incident at home involving an opposition supporter that was quickly dealt with and which was condemned by a large section of the general public. But a threat from overseas to harm government officers and the country as a whole, Mr. Greene maintains should not be taken lightly.

The call for the US’s intervention follows a recording provided to the Ministry of Public Safety, where Irwin Romeo, also known as “Bombshell”, is heard to be saying that “an Antiguan Resistance Movement” of ex-military persons in the United States will stalk town hall and other meetings by government officials and will “deal with them”.


Minister E.P Chet Greene has labeled the uttering of Romeo as an open threat.


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