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Foreign Affairs Minister Reiterates Government’s Position on Venezuela

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Wednesday 30th January, 2019-Antigua and Barbuda’s position on the impasse in Venezuela was re-stated today by the Foreign Affairs Minister who describes the region of the Americas as being under siege.

In his presentation during debate of the 2019 budget, Minister E.P Chet Greene insisted Antigua and Barbuda will not meddle in the internal affairs of Venezuela, but will play a part in promoting dialogue through diplomacy, in the hope of a resolution to the ongoing crisis in the South American nation.

Minister Greene is warning that further escalation of the situation can greatly affect the countries within the Caribbean.

Spain, France, Germany and the United States are among major countries that have recognized Juan Guaido as interim President of Venezuela and are demanding that elections be called in a matter of days, a call that has been rejected by President Nicolas Maduro.

The Antiguan Foreign Affairs Minister reacting to the move by the developed states has labelled their actions reckless.

Minister Greene posits that the only way to a resolution in the Venezuela crisis is through dialogue and negotiation from within Venezuela, involving all groups and sectors of society.

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