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Flow raising funds for diabetes awareness

Employees of Flow Antigua and Barbuda are observing Liberty Latin America’s (LLA) Annual Mission Week in a partnership with the Antigua and Barbuda Diabetes Association on several fundraising and other initiatives designed to raise public awareness about Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  

From November 16-20, employees across all the LLA markets will celebrate the company’s annual Mission Week tradition of  giving back to the communities in which it operates through volunteer activities guided by the company’s four pillars of corporate social responsibility: learning, environment, access, and disaster relief.

“Our communities are so much more than locations for our business. It’s where we live, where our families grow, where we celebrate and connect. With our company-wide volunteering initiative, Mission Week, over 1,000 employees are coming together to make a positive impact in the areas of learning, environment, access, and disaster relief. When our communities thrive, we all win,” Michael Coakley, VP Communications, Liberty Latin America, said.

This year, employees at Flow Antigua chose to align with World Diabetes Day (WDD) which was celebrated globally on November 14th. Their first initiative involved planting an organic fruit and vegetable garden at Flow’s Clare Hall compound.  Harvested produce will be distributed to local charities to promote a healthier lifestyle by encouraging the incorporation of more fruits and vegetables into people’s diets.

Additionally, a raffle will be drawn on November 30th the proceeds of which will go to the ABDA to assist in their efforts to combat the disease.  The prizes for the raffle include a Samsung 820 handset, dinner for two at the Hodges Bay Resort and Spa and a $200 shopping voucher redeemable at the Epicurean. 

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