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Fire, Fire, Fire

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A fire of unknown origin ripped through several buildings on lower St John’s Street mid-afternoon on Sunday, completely destroying one structure and leaving three others partially damaged.

The fire-call was received at the St. John’s Fire Station at 3:10 p.m. and immediately two fire engines were dispatched to the scene. When they arrived, firefighters sprang into action to bring the inferno under control.

A two-storey structure, where the fire is believed to have originated, was fully engulfed in the flames which also spread to two adjacent buildings, one on the east and one on the west. A third building at the back of the two-storey building was also damaged.

The firemen battled the blaze for several hours but they were unable to save the two-storey building as the intense heat and huge tongues of flames soon saw the collapse of the top floor of the building.

Reports are that this building housed an upholstery shop on the first floor, operated by its owner, Leroy Skerritt, who lived on the upper floor. The lower floor was of concrete construction with the upper floor made of wood. A motor vehicle which was packed in front of the upholstery shop was also destroyed in the fire.

The fire of such magnitude and intensity at that time of the day brought out scores of people from the area who watched in amazement as the fire spread to other buildings, and at one time threatened the building that housed Brownie’s Bakery.





There are no reports of injuries and the estimated cost of the damage is yet to be determined.

Sources at the fire station say fire investigators will comb the debris over the next few days to determine the cause of the blaze.

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