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Fire Chief Warns Against Gas Cylinders Close to Stoves

Tuesday 28th May, 2019-The fire chief is appealing to citizens and residents to avoid storing cooking gas cylinders close to stoves.

Chief Elvis Weaver’s appeal comes following a fire in Yorks that destroyed the three bedroom home of a 79 year-old woman.

St. John’s Fire Department responded to the call at 10:58 this morning but was unable to save the 15X 27 wooden structure and its contents. A storeroom on the property was also destroyed.

The fire chief told POINTE FM’s Nightly News, the elderly woman managed to escape without injuries. He noted that from reports, the woman was cooking and moved away from the stove to another area of the house when she heard an explosion, believed to have been the result of a gas leak.

The fire rapidly consumed the dwelling and firefighters were unable to save anything. Chief Weaver revealed the home was uninsured.


He says homeowners should avoid placing the LPG cylinders close to the stoves, adding what they are discovering is that the tubes that are connecting the cylinders to stoves are porous, causing leaks that are resulting in blazes. Last weekend’s fire that destroyed a house on Kentish Road is also believed to have been caused by a gas leak.

So far this year, St. John’s Fire Brigade has responded to 186 calls, which include house fires.

However, that number is below the more than 200 calls received for the same period last year.




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