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Festivals’ Commission Challenges Observer COO’s Statements

Monday 30th July, 2018 –The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission notes with concern, comments made by the management of the Observer Group of Companies that the Commission has been issued with instructions by the government not to do business with the Observer Group of Companies.

This statement is totally false and is not supported by facts.  The Commission has never been instructed by any Minister or any member of government on any matter relating to its business and vehemently deny this allegation.

For Carnival 2018, the Commission considerably reduced its marketing budget due to financial constraints and outstanding commitments to service providers and agreed to only conduct business with the government’s owned Radio and Television.  An existing arrangement is also in place with Vibz Radio.  In addition, the records will show that the Commission has done business with the Observer group of companies during the first half of this year.

The Commission has also been informed that other sectors of the government have done business with the Observer group valued at over half a million dollars, more than it has done with any other media outlet.

As it relates to any perceived drop in attendance at the shows, the Commission reminds the Observer Group of Companies that the shows are streamed live to thousands of viewers by all media outlets at Carnival City, including Observer Radio.


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