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Farmer benefits from crowd-funding initiative

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Local farmer Lescharles Joseph is the beneficiary of the crowd-funding project to supply water to farmers entitled, “Mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 through the supply of fresh food to rural households,” which is an Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA) initiative.

The initiative is a collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI).

Joseph expressed thanks to IICA, CARDI, and the MoA for aiding him: “It will be so beneficial to me to improve on the crops growing, the amount of food I can produce in higher quantities and without water farming is nothing, and so I am so grateful to be one of the beneficiaries of this project.” 

South West District Officer Onecia Anthony-Martin expressed that being a beneficiary of the project is a great opportunity for Joseph because he is able to produce more food now that he will have access to water and a full irrigation system. 

Not only did Joseph receive assistance with setting up the irrigation system, but he also received help in planting seeds after the system was set up.

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