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EMS Receives High Praise for Improvements Made

Wednesday 2nd January, 2019-The Antigua Barbuda Emergency Medical Services has received high commendation from Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, the Honourable Molwyn Joseph.

Minister Joseph, while speaking at the ministry’s annual Christmas dinner, recalled the state of affairs when he became the Minister of Health over 4 years ago.

He said that there were a number of complaints in the public domain about the performance of the Department and he insisted that certain standards be met and changes made to improve its efficiency.

The changes made include assessing the response times of calls and evaluating the performance of the Emergency Medical Technicians.


He congratulated the Director of the ABEMS, Shawn Greenidge, “on the Department’s improvements over the years, especially 2018, where you have had an increase in the rate of calls and you were able to maintain the standards. I commend you highly.”

 Meanwhile, the Emergency Medical Services has named the top three Emergency Medical Services personnel. Tundae Bruce was awarded for being the top Emergency Medical Technician among the Supervisors, Courtney Kellman stood out as the top performer of the Emergency Medical Technicians, and Iesha Russell was named as the runner-up for the EMT’s among the Supervisors.

Special mention was also made of Edgar Peters, Mawuli George and Kiefer Southwell for their outstanding performances in 2018.

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