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Elderly Man Jailed for 2015 Road Fatality

Wednesday 30th January, 2019-The senior citizen who caused the death of Conroy Jeffrey in 2015 on Jonas Road was sentenced to one in year in prison.

Hilroy ‘Mister B’ Byam was sentenced in the High Court on Tuesday.

Jeffrey became the 13th road fatality in December, 2015, when his white Toyota Rav 4 collided with a trailer on Jonas Road in the early hours of the morning. The trailer was transporting a house and was being driven by Hilroy Byam. Conroy Jeffrey died instantly.

During the trial, the court heard there were no lights or illumination on the house that was being transported. The victim was driving in the opposite direction of the trailer.


In sentencing Hilroy ‘Mister B’ Byam, the judge said he continued on his journey after the crash and ordered his assistants to discard evidence.

He will now serve one year at Her Majesty’s Prison.

He was ordered to compensate Conroy Jeffrey’s family in the amount of $ 60,000.



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