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Education Officials Caution Against Momo Challenge

Monday 4th March, 2019-The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is appealing to parents to monitor what their children view on the internet, in light of the recent rise in the Momo Challenge.

“According to lore, the Momo challenge is a viral game shared on messaging services like WhatsApp that goads young children into violence or even suicide. Images of the devilish bird-lady supposedly pop up with creepy messages and commands that are said to escalate to extreme violence and horror,” Vox Media noted.


In a statement, the Ministry of Education stated that though there are no reported incidents in Antigua and Barbuda arising from the challenge, the ministry is impressing on parents to supervise the content being viewed on social media including Youtube and Facebook, considering that children are vulnerable and can be easily influenced by what is transmitted on the World Wide Web.


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