Drivers Will Be Held Responsible for Damaging Properties

Friday 14th September, 2018-Social Transformation Minister, the Hon. Samantha Marshall was successful in having the Vehicles and Road Traffic Amendment Bill 2018 include penalties for drivers who cause damage to properties, both public and privately owned during accidents.

The St. Mary’s south MP  during debate of the bill on Thursday,said people should be held responsible for their actions, adding that in other jurisdictions, they must pay for damages.

Minister Marshall noted that the lives of young children are being endangered, especially in communities where road works have been completed.

During the committee stage on Thursday, a section was included in the bill that details in part that persons engaged in reckless driving, may be ordered to pay costs for damages property, where there is no insurance coverage.

The Vehicles and Road Traffic Amendment Act, 2018 will now make its way to the Senate for further debate and passage.

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