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Draft Bill to Cure Inequities in Millennium Naturalization Act

Thursday 20th September, 2018-A draft bill is to be tabled in Parliament that will ease the strict rules that were implemented under the Millennium Naturalization Act of 2004.

Attorney General Steadroy Benjamin has been mandated to table the draft at a date yet to be determined.

It comes after reports that spouses and parents of those who qualified for citizenship under the Millennium Naturalization Act are unable to make application, or file for family members.

Introduced by the Baldwin Spencer Administration, the Act provided for “the acquisition of citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda in commemoration of the new millennium, by persons, who were on and since the first day of January, 2000 lawfully resident in Antigua and Barbuda.”

It did not provide for persons who qualified and were granted citizenship to file for dependents.

The Millennium Naturalization Act of 2004 was a sunset legislation, meaning that the law ceased to have effect after a specific date.


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