Discussions Held on Agricultural Technology Project

Tuesday 4th September, 2018 –The first meeting of the Local Technical Advisory Committee for the implementation of the Agricultural Technology Cooperation Project between China and Antigua and Barbuda was convened on Monday at the Ministry of Agriculture’s Headquarters.

According to a media statement, the committee which is being chaired by Director of Agriculture Jedidiah Maxime comprises senior technicians in the ministry of Agriculture, the Chinese team leader as well as members of the farming community.

Mr. Maxime stated that the meeting focused on how the technical cooperation project will be rolled out.

According to Chairperson Maxime, the project has several key components.

The vertical components are the main aspects of the project which would be coordinated by the Chinese.

They include the experimentation component in Green Castle which covers the utilization of smart green house technology for micropropagation and to produce planting material.

The second component which is a demonstration component at Diamond Estate is a commercial demonstration of different production techniques for selected vegetable commodities.

Mr. Maxime further explained that as part of the demonstration component, training will be provided to build capacity among the ministry’s technical staff and the farmers.

There will be a total of 700 training opportunities over the period of the three-year project.

The other component of the Agricultural Technology Cooperation Project between China and Antigua and Barbuda is a tissue culture which is a process of micropropagating different commodities.

Maxime revealed that focus will be placed on specific crops such as the pineapple which has significant potential but the constraint of a lack of planting material has to be addressed.

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