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Disciplinary Committee to be Established for Medical Fraternity

Tuesday 20th November, 2018-Health Minister Molwyn Joseph has found a way to move ahead with the establishment of a disciplinary committee to investigate members of the medical fraternity who are accused of negligence.

Establishing the board has proven difficult as several doctors have reportedly declined to serve. But with one family demanding it be established, the health minister says following consultations with the Ministry of Legal Affairs, he has accepted a proposal that will result in the committee that is mandated by the Medical Practitioners’ Act coming into being.

His comments come as the family of the late Esme Stevens is demanding the discipline committee be established.

A petition on social media claims that Esme Stevens unnecessarily lost her life on September 11th, 2018, as a result of a routine medical procedure gone wrong at the hands of a licensed and experienced medical practitioner. Family members have described the entire ordeal as “gross medical negligence or malpractice.”

Minister Molwyn Joseph spoke on the matter for the first time this morning, revealing he has met with family members of the late woman and has assured them he will lend his support in whatever course of action they choose to take.

A report from the medical director of Mount St. John’s Medical Centre will be submitted to Cabinet, detailing the handling of Esme Stevens’ case.

Minister Molwyn Joseph revealed that initially, Stevens was not a patient at the hospital. She was being treated at a private clinic and it was only when her condition deteriorated she was taken to MSJMC, where she passed away within 24 hours of her arrival.

He is stressing the need for the enforcement of the Health Facilities Licensing Act, which was withdrawn the first time it was tabled in parliament.

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