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Diabetes Association Lends Support to Diabetics

Friday 16th November, 2018-With much emphasis being placed on the fight against non-communicable diseases in Antigua and Barbuda, one group is playing its part in ensuring that those diagnosed with diabetes receive the support necessary for them to manage the disease.

The Diabetes Association is a non-profit organization headed by its President, Juanita James. She explains the functions of the group.

While she could not give a figure how many people in Antigua and Barbuda are being treated for diabetes, James revealed there are many people who are walking around not knowing they are diabetics.

Ms. James stated that type 2 diabetes is what they encounter mostly and stressed the importance of healthy lifestyles, which can keep the disease at bay.

The retired chief nutrition officer has expressed satisfaction at the role government is playing in seeking to reduce the high numbers associated with diabetes.

The president of the Diabetes Association is appealing for people to “know your risk.”

Juanita James.

Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment, the Hon. Molwyn Joseph has credited the Diabetes Association for the role it is playing in bringing about awareness about the disease. He has pledged that the association will see “more robust support from the government,” including a permanent home and assistance with the establishment of a secretariat.

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