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DCA to Begin Removing Billboards

Wednesday 9th January, 2019-The Project Implementation Management Unit (PIMU), the entity responsible for the rehabilitation of Sir George Water Highway and Friars Hill Road is again informing the public that the Development Control Authority (DCA) will begin the removal all advertisement billboards and signs along the roadside of the two corridors.

Business owners are urged to remove all advertisements with immediate effect.

In a statement, the PIMU detailed that failure to comply with the orders will result in the advertisements being forcefully removed and destroyed by the DCA.


Only advertisements that are viewed as impairment to the planned road expansion works will be removed.

Sir George Water Highway approximately 2.4 miles and Friars Hill Road approximately 3 miles are being rehabilitated through a design and build arrangement, funded by the Governments of Antigua and Barbuda and Britain.


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