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Dachenski’s Escape A Matter of Concern

Friday 20th April, 2018 –Information Minister Melford Nicholas  does not believe the country’s Immigration System requires tightening, but he agrees there may be loop holes.

His response was in relation to the Bulgarian national who was charged for electronic fraud in Antigua, skipping the country but was later captured in Barbados after disembarking a cruise ship.

Minister Nicholas says government is interested in determining how the Bulgarian’s escape was facilitated and to possibly re-examine how criminals like Mr. Dachenski are dealt with.

The 39 year-old Bulgarian was charged in Antigua last year with electronic fraud and larceny. After spending time in jail, he was granted bail and skipped the country in the process.

The Royal Barbados Police Force says after fleeing Antigua, Dachenski went to Guadeloupe. He later journeyed to St Lucia and then to Barbados on board the Fantasia.

He is accused of hacking into two separate ATM’s located on High Street and Thames Street, and stole close to $5,000 from one machine, and over $18,000 from another according to police. He is further accused of hacking into an ATM located at a business place on All Saints Road, where he stole almost $5,000 from that ATM.

The crimes were committed between December 13th and 15th, 2017.


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