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Crossroads reopening next month

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By Shelton Daniel

The Crossroads Center has announced that after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will reopen its doors in the new year. 


The Crossroads Centre,  a world renowned substance abuse and addiction rehabilitation treatment facility situated in St. Phillips, was founded by the internationally acclaimed American musician, Eric Clapton.

Admissions Coordinator, Tiffany Smith, told Pointe FM on Friday that Crossroads, which shuttered at the end of March 2020, will reopen in January 2021.

“And of course, with COVID having happened, there are some changes that we’ve made to our programme,” she said, adding that a lot of people struggled during the lockdown.

According to Smith, the changes include: “…family programmes being conducted virtually, rather than persons being able to come in and visit as clients. Persons would obviously be required to have a COVID test done prior to any entrance into the facility.

“A lot of activities, therapy, et cetera, is going to take place outdoors where there is open spaces, social distancing and unfortunately we’re going to have a smaller number of clients at a time at our centre.”

Smith said Crossroads normally handles up to twenty clients at a time, however this will be reduced to a maximum of 11 when operations resume.

Smith said the centre is less concerned about how fewer numbers of clients will affect its bottom line and is focused instead on “offering the best and safest therapies to all of our clients”.

Crossroads aims to provide healing for persons who voluntarily seek help to escape the grip of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and other addictive substances.

During its closure, Crossroads launched a virtual programme consisting of group and individual therapy and other online interaction.

Unfortunately, Smith admitted that these avenues were not “as accessible for many within the local population”.

To access the Crossroads Centre’s services, one must first speak with one of their counselors over the phone then come in for an assessment.

“During the assessment we delve into the background factors that might have brought about the addiction such as childhood trauma or grief or loss, or your social situation and of course we’ll be looking at your symptoms. What you’re presenting with, the reason why you’re reaching out and your motivation which is a huge component of how successful you may be in engaging with the programme and achieving sobriety. 

“After this assessment we might make a determination, for example, that the person needs a psychiatric evaluation or we may need a medical report. After that an admission date can be set,” Smith explained.

The Crossroads Center can be reached on telephone number 562-0035.

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