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Council Workers Urged To Return Home or Be Removed From Payroll

Wednesday 9th May, 2018 –The re-constituted Barbuda Council is tightening its purse string, signaling that there will be changes to the operations of the council as people may know it.

The Council with its newest member Calsey Beazer held its first meeting today, following the By-Election on April 30th.

Addressing the meeting, Barbudan MP Trevor Walker who will now serve on the Council as Deputy Chairman acknowledged the financial constraints faced by the council and said changes will be made, which will be unpopular with many.

Walker is informing Barbudans that those employed by the Council will be required to return to the sister isle or they will be removed from the payroll.

Walker said the Antigua office from which the Council operated was closed last week and he hopes it will in part encourage Barbudans to return home.

The Barbudan MP served notice that people will be held accountable for their actions, and took issue with how monies made through sand mining are spent. Walker said after seeking answers, he is dissatisfied with what he has heard.

During today’s meeting, Wade Burton was named Chairman of the Barbuda Council, and Trevor Walker Deputy.

Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Council Robbie Walker was reportedly in attendance today. However, Knacyntar Nedd was absent from today’s proceedings on the sister isle. In a social media post, Nedd who was appointed a government senator apologized for not being part of the setting up of the council. She said her absence was justified, as she was summoned to represent Barbuda in the upper house which is also significant in the administration of Barbuda affairs.

She has however pledged her full support to the administration of Barbuda through the Council and hopes that the business of the Council will not be relegated to party politics but rather to the development of and to the benefit of Barbuda and Barbudans.

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