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Contractors Urged To make Timely Submissions

Tuesday 12th June, 2018-Contractors involved in the re-building programme in Barbuda were paid more that EC $ 1 million dollars last week.

The contractors have been lamenting the lack of payment and some had threatened to withdraw their services.

However, it was pointed out that very often, the contractors submit incomplete bills or bills that lack supportive evidence. NODS says payment can only be made to contractors after verification of their submissions.

The National Office of Disaster Services is appealing to contractors to submit their complete bills as early as possible and not submit clusters of bills accumulated over weeks. Such a practice will result in a delay in payments.

The contractors are also advised to provide the documentary evidence that will allow the NODS to make legitimate payments for work completed.

It was noted that the duty of those who guard the purse is to ensure that all payments made are due and owing.


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